Artistic Imagery by SuKai

About Sukai


I’m Sue, Artist & Image taker… I say this because I like to create art from of the photos I take. I am not a photographer in the traditional sense. The way I approach photography is… my camera is my brush, my computer my canvas, and my imagination unlimited…

I love to go with my husband off road in our Jeep and take pictures of different locations that I find beautiful, interesting and unique, or ride on our Harley and shoot from the back seat... So, I decided to share some of the places I have been with you. I also like to go to places where I can take shots of wildlife or exotic animal’s tigers and big cats are my favorite.

I've won several ribbons with my work in my town's annual photo contest, and in August of 2015 I won Best of Show. Due to some unexpected life events I have been away for a while but things are getting back to normal so I have decided to pick up my lenses again and dust off my laptop and pursue my love of creation. I hope you enjoy…

SuKai photo